Introductory Dances


GOOD HEARTED  GLASGOW  (11.2) 4C Jig (8x32)

1-4 1C turn RH & cast to 2nd place

5-8 1C turn LH 1¼ into

9-12 RH across, L up, M down

13-16 LH across, L down, M up.

17-24 1C lead down middle & back to 2nd place.

25-32 1C2C3C 6 hands round & back.

THE WILD GEESE   (A.11)  4C Jig  (8x32)

1‑4 1C3C set advancing to middle, men with ptnrs on right.  All join hands to make a line of 4 and set.

5‑8 1C turn ¾ with RH & cast to 3rd place on own sides; while 3C turn RH to face up and lead up to top place.

9‑16 1C3C repeat bars 1‑8 but doing the other couple's movements.  All finish in original places.

17‑24 1C lead down middle and up to 2nd place, 2C move up.

25-32 1C2C R&L

LAMB SKINNET (O.8) 4C Jig (8x32)

1‑4 1C set & cast 1 place, 2C move up.

5‑8 1C ½ fig 8 round 2C

9‑12 1C set & cast 1 place, 3C move up

13‑16 1C ½ fig 8 round 3C

17‑24 1C lead up to top, set & cast into 2nd place, 3C move down.

25-32 1C2C R & L.


1‑8 1C2C 4 hands round to left & back

9‑16 1C2C RH across then LH across back again

17‑24 1C lead down middle & up again

25‑32 1C2C poussette

HOOPER'S JIG (2.1)       4C Jig (8x32)

1‑4 All clap, 1C Cross, cast off 1 place

5‑8 1C3C RH across

9‑16 All clap, 1C cross, cast up into LH across with 2C

17‑18 1M cross RH with 3L

19‑20 1L cross RH with 3M while 1M & 3L dance round ready to cross again

21‑22 1M cross RH with 3L while 1L & 3M dance round ready to cross again

23‑24 1L cross LH with 3M (1L dancing into 2nd place, while 1M casts into 2nd place, 2C having moved up)

25-32 1C2C Rights and Lefts

AYR PROMENADE   (H.12)4C Jig (4x32)

1-4 Ls dance rnd ptnrs (RSh) and back to place.

5-8 All turn ptnrs RH

9-12 M dance rnd ptnrs (RSh) and back to place

13-16 All turn ptnrs RH into promenade hold

17-24 4 couple promenade

25-32 1C cross RH, cast off 2 places, cross RH then change places LH on side with 4C


1‑4 1C Set & cast 1 place (2C move up)

5‑8 1C3C RH across

9‑12 1C set & cast up 1 place (2C move down)

13‑16 1C2C LH across.

17‑24 1C lead 2C down middle and cast round 3C.  Lead up to top & cast to 2nd place while 2C dance up to top.

25-32 1C & 2C Rights and Lefts


6 hands rnd & back,then, still holding hands, all advance & retire

Face ptnr, advance, pass back to back & retire to place

All join hands with person opposite for RH across.

Leave set as follows:

1st - the couple whose joined hands are at the bottom,

2nd - the couple whose hands are now at the bottom t

3rd - the last couple.  All promenade around the room then make up new sets ready to begin again.

THE DHOON       4C Jig (4x32)       

 1- 8 All (with nearer hands joined on sides) slip step right, slip step back & turn partner RH

 9-16 All (with nearer hands joined on sides) slip step left, slip step back & turn partner LH

17-24 1s cast 1 place, dance to top & cast to 4th place

25-32 All circle 8H round & back

THE FLYING SCOTSMAN         4C Jig  (8x32)

  H Thurston  16 SCDs

 1- 8 1L followed by 2L+3L cross, cast behind 1M, in front of 2M, behind 3M, cross & dance up to places

 9-16 1M followed by 2M+3M repeat around Ladies

17-24 1C slip step down the middle & up to 2nd place

25-32 2C1C3C slip step down & back

THE SAILOR (J.3)    4C Hornpipe   (8x32)

1‑4 1C cross RH into triangles between 2C & 3C, set. 

5‑8 1C cast round person on their right (i.e. 1M casts round 3L while 1L casts round 2M) into 3 & 3 across, set.  

9‑16 1C turn R into reels of three across with 2C & 3C finishing in 2nd place on wrong side.  

17‑24 1C lead down for 2, up for 2, crossing at top to cast into 2nd place on own side

25-32 1C,2C R&L.

HIGHLAND RAMBLER (L.14)  4C Reel  (8x40)

1‑4 1C dance in, cast to 2nd place

5‑8 1C RH across with 3C

9‑12 1C LH across with 2C

13‑16 1L followed by 1M cast up and down

17‑24 1L with 3C and 1M with 2C down middle and back

25‑28 1M followed by 1L casts down on ladies side

29‑32 1C turn RH

33-40 1C2C3C 6 hands round and back.

MAXWELL'S RANT4C Reel (8x32)

1‑8 1C reel of 3 on opposite side with 2C3C

9‑16 1C reel of 3 on own side with 2C3C

17‑20 1C cross RH & cast, 2C move up.

21‑24 1C ½ fig 8 round 2C.

25‑28 1C lead down between 3C and cast up into 2nd place.

29‑32 1C2C3C turn RH

WEST'S HORNPIPE (6.2)4C Reel (4x32)

1‑8 1C reel of 3 on opposite side with 2C3C

9‑16 1C reel of 3 on own side with 2C3C

17‑24 1C lead down mid and back turning inwards on last step to face 2C diagonally

25‑28 1C set to 2C, join nearer hands, dance to bottom & turn inwards, 2C3C4C move up

28-32 1C4C dance 4 hands round to left.

RABBIE’S REEL (8.7)  4C Reel   (4x32)  RSCDS Bk 40

1- 8. 1L followed by 2nd, 3rd & 4th Lady dances across, down behind Men & back to places.

 9-16. All Men repeat above figure.

17-24. All Ladies dance round their partners RSh & back to place, all Men repeat.

25-32. 1C lead down to 4th place & all clap 8 times.

REEL FOR JEANNIE  (8.1)    (R4x32)  4C set

Fife Council  RSCDS Bk 40

 1- 8. All circle 8H round & back.

 9-16. 1C slip step down the middle & back.

17-24. 1C followed by 2C3C4C cast to bottom, 1C make an arch as 2C3C4C dance under.

25-32. 2C3C4C1C clap 8 times & turn partners RH once round.


1-8 1C2C3C advance & retire then turn ptnrs RH

9-16 1C cast & dance figure of 8 on side round 3C2C 

17-20 RH across, L up, M down

21-24 LH across, L down M up.

25-32 1C turn cnr, ptnr, cnr, ptnr.

33-40 1C2C3C 6 hands round & back.

CURRIE MOUNTAIN  4C Reel (8x32)  

 M Pugh  New Brunswick Coll

 1- 8 1C cross RH, cast 1 place, dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 2C

 9-16 1C turn 3C with nearer hands (1C dancing between 3C) & turn 2C with other hand

17-24 1C+3C dance RH across & LH across with 2C

25-32 2C1C3C dance reels of 3 on sides (1C giving RSh to 3C to start)

OXO REEL        6C Reel  (6x32)


 1- 8 All Adv+Ret, 1s slip step to bottom

 9-16 All Adv+Ret, 2s slip step to bottom

17-24 3s+4s also 1s+2s circle 4H round & back while 5s+6s dance RH across & LH back (ie OXO)

25-32 2s slip step to top & all turn RH


1‑4 1C2C3C set, cross RH

5‑8 Repeat

9‑16 1C down the middle & back

17‑20 1C dance in and  cast, 2C move up

21‑24 1C3C 4 hands round

25‑32 1C2C R & L.


(Groups of 1M and 2L or 1L and 2M)

1‑8 Two groups join & dance 6 hands round & back.

9‑12 Centre dancer turns to R, sets, turns RH ptnr by RH

13‑16 Centre dancer turns to L, sets, turns LH Ptnr by RH.

17‑24 Reel of 3. Centre dancer begins by giving LSh to RH ptnr;

25‑28 All 3 dancers advance & retire with hands joined.

29-32 Giving RSh to dancer opposite, dncrs advance thru facing dancers (dropping hands) to meet next line of three.

THE BALMORAL STRATHSPEY  (18.3)  4C Strathspey  (4x32)

1‑8 1C2C, 3C4C R&L.

9‑12 1C2C, 3C4C set, RH across ½ way round.

13‑16 All set, cross RH to own side (now 2,1,4,3).

17‑24 2C facing 1C & 4C facing 3C, reels of 4 on sides.

17-32 2C stand still while 1C4C3C allemande to finish      2,3,4,1.

THE BELLE OF BON ACCORD (H.15)   4C Strathspey  (4x32)

1‑4 1M and 3M dance straight across set, cast down 1 place then into middle facing up WHILE 1L and 3L cross below 2M/4M, cast up 1 place then into middle facing down)

5‑8 RH across, 1C with 2C, 3C with4C.

9‑16 1C3C Reel of 4 in centre of dance.

17‑20 1C,3C turn partner ¾ RH to face up while 2C,4C dance up and in to face them. All Set

21‑24 2C1C, 4C3C 4 hands round to left.

25‑28 1C ½ fig. 8 round 2C, 3C likewise with 4C

29-32 1C & 3C turn both hands with partner. 3C cast into 2nd place, 1C dance down to 4th place.

BUTTERSCOTCH & HONEY (N.3)  4C Strathspey (4x32)

1‑4 1C set & turn RH into promenade hold.

5‑8 1C ½ reel of 3 with 2C passing RSh with 2M to begin

9‑12 1C ½ reel of 3 with 3C passing L Sh with 3L

13‑16 1C ½ reel of 3 with 4C passing Rt Sh with 4M

17‑24 1C cast out & up on wrong side followed by 4C3C2C, each cross LH at top & dance down own side.

25-32 All set on side & turn partner both hands opening into 4 hands once round.

GRANT'S REEL  4C  Strathspey (8x32)

1‑4 1M2L set & turn BH

5‑8 1L2M repeat

9‑16 1C down middle & back

17‑20 1C set & cast

21‑24 1C dance back to back passing Rt Shoulders first.

25‑32 1C2C R & L.

MAGGIE LAUDER  (16.13)     2C (4C set) Strathspey (8x32)


 1- 8 1C+2C set twice & dance RH across 1/2 way

 9-16 1C+2C set twice & dance LH across back to places

17-24 1C lead down the middle, back to top & cast to 2nd place

25-32 2C+1C dance R&L

INDIAN RIVER STRATHSPEY  3C Triangular Set  (3x32)

1-8 1C2C3C in promenade hold dance reels of 3, 1C giving RSh to 3C to begin.  All finish in orig positions.

9-16 1C dropping RH, 1M leads 1L in front for RHA with 3C then LHA with 2C & back to place.

17-24 1C set while 2C3C dance 1st half of Ladies Chain. 1C then dance between 2C & 3C and separate, dancing round and back to place while 2C & 3C finish Ladies Chain.

25-32 1C3C ½ R&L then 3C2C ½ R&L to finish 3,3,1

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